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Oxytocin: Everything you wanted to know

What is oxytocin

Oxytocin is a hormone produced by the human body. Of course this hormone is also produced in animals, but this website provides information about use of oxytocin for humans. The hormone oxytocin is produced when people have intercourse, hug, or are bonding in any other way.

Although it is produced from within the human body, it is possible to supplement oxytocin when this hormone is in shortage. The average human being has plenty of this hormone, but research has shown that stress for example can cause a shortage of oxytocin.

Normally the body is capable of refilling shortages of hormones, including oxytocin, but if the situation is prolonged a severe shortage may occur. In this case it can be a good thing to supplement shortage, not only to stay healthy physically, but especially mentally. Research has shown a direct correlation between physical and mental health caused by shortages of hormones such as oxytocin.

What this means is that people who have a shortage of oxytocin are more likely to become ill and obese, and some of them may develop serious issues mentally. Although the details of mental illness vary greatly as an effect of oxytocin shortage, anxiety and depression are the most commonly linked illness.

What does oxytocin do

Oxytocin can help fight many physical and mental ailments, including (and not limited to);


One of the common issues with people who don't feel well mentally is overeating. Something as little as a bad mood can lead to overeating and weight gain. Using oxytocin you can control your eating pattern.


Research has also shown that autistic children for example are much more likely to socialize with humans. From making more eye contact to actually engaging a conversation. It is likely that this child will grow up more socially and have a better chance at a fulfilling life.

Mood swings

Mood swings are one of those things that make us human. However, when it becomes a serious issue, oxytocin can help calm down and stabilize.


If you suffer from insomnia, whether it's due to stress or any other external factor, oxytocin can help sleep better. Oxytocin is a rapidly working hormone which allows you to not just sleep well, but also quickly.


Although an ancient issue, anxiety is more common than anything else in todays fast paced world. Anxiety leads to (more) shyness and social retreat. Most of these facts are well known, but it should be noted that these are caused by a distorted hormone balance of which one of its key hormones include oxytocin.


Similarly, and interlinked with anxiety is depression. Since depression also leads to social retreat and isolation, oxytocin supplements couldn't have arrived sooner. Oxytocin is well known for it's happyness effect. If you're happier, you're simply much more able to engage socially, which is why oxytocin supplements work for many people.

But also helps people with their relationships;


Oxytocin is also well known as the 'love hormone'. And for a good reason. Oxytocin is produced when we hug or make love, but if anything, it bonds human beings. This is great news for women or men who want to preserve a monogamous relationship.

Sex drive

Since the oxytocin hormone is greatly contributing to happiness, trust and bonding, it can also help create a better sex drive. After all, if you feel happy and healthy you are much more likely to want to live your life to the fullest. It will be beneficiary to all.

How does oxytocin work

Oxytocin is one of the key ingredients in oxytocin products. More over these products are labeled as 'oxytocin' because of this. Although many products are very cautious about keeping their formula a secret, some brands won't shy away from revealing them. You can sonsult the formulas on the website of any oxytocin brand.

Normally oxytocin works within the hour, and its effects will become noticable. Note that each effect takes its own time. For a good night sleep oxytocin will work quickly, while it may take a little longer to decrease a prolonged depression.

Oxytocin is a hormone that you can use through a nasal spray or drops (depending on the product). When used, oxytocin will find its way through your body to your brain. Most of the time its effects are noticable within the day, but may vary from product to product depending on the amount of oxytocin density.

Who can benefit from oxytocin

There are several different groups of people who may benefit from the use of oxytocin.


Single men or women can use oxytocin to attract the opposite or same sex. Since oxytocin helps make you happier, you are much more likely to radiate confidence and make a much better impression.


Married or living together, husbands and wives can benefit from oxytocin since the hormone bonds people. If you have children, you will almost automatically pass on the happiness and confidence to your children.


But also businessmen have a lot to gain from oxytocin. It creates a mutual feeling of trust and therefore it will be easier to close a deal, sell an idea or product or even get a promotion.

Where can you get oxytocin

Oxytocin can be bought without prescription. Please do read the guidelines before buying provided on the products website. If you wish to purchase oxytocin right away please go to our oxytocin reviews page.

Since there are many oxytocin products flooding the market, it is recommended to choose from branded products only as these are products which have gotten an offical license.

In what form does oxytocin come

Oxytocin often comes in a nasal spray, but are also available as drops or injections. They each have their advantages, but our experience (judging from customer feedback) is that the nasal spray is the easiest to use. All bottles are easily portable and small enough to fit even in a handbag.

Nasal spray is probably also the safest to use, since injections for example have a higher risk of being injected in the wrong area, potentially causing harm to the body. Drops are also used, but are less popular than sprays. Both sprays and drops are the safest to use.

How do I use oxytocin

Both sprays and drops have to be used in their own specific way. Sprays can be used as a nasal spray, spray one time in each nostril once a day. For drops, take the drops under the tongue. You may use it up to six drops a time, with two doses per day. Please always consult the package leaflet for further information on how to use the sprays on a continued basis.

What are the best oxytocin products

Although there are many great oxytocin products out there, it's difficult to tell which you should purchase. However, on this website you can find plenty of reviews and customer reviews about the top 5 oxytocin products. The reviews are conducted by our testing panel, a group of dedicated people aiming to give a transparent review to each product.

For your convenience, we have limited the list to a top 5, and excluded low- or non effective products. Each product has been thoroughly tested, and was rated up to 5 stars for overall effectiveness and ease of use. For more details you can read the summarized review of each product.

You will find reviews on each page, below the information paragraph. You may also use the quick menu to go directly to the review or even go directly to the products' website.


All in all oxytocin can help human beings move forward in life. It can treat many different ailments, ranging from depression to autism, but also helps increase trust and bonding. Of course, this hormone is also great for use in a relationship and to make people happier in general.

You can buy oxytocin from many different places, but it is recommended to buy a branded product. It's also a good idea to consult our reviews before purchasing or if you can't decide between a product. As always, you can contact our team at the following address.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How fast does applied oxytocin work?

Depending on the intent of use of oxytocin, effects should be noticable from within an hour to a day. Some exceptions may include prolonged depression, which make take some extra days to completely work through the system.

Where can I buy oxytocin?

Oxytocin can be bought online without prescription. We've provided a top 5 of oxytocin products where you can also find the direct links to the products' website. Simply decide from the products and click on the 'Go to website' link.

How much does oxytocin cost

Oxytocin products have each set their own prices. We cannot give an 'estimate' of the cost of each product since prices vary and change, but you can find the prices of the different brands on their website. For more information, go to our reviews page, select a product, and click on the 'Go to website' button for pricing.

Do I need a prescription to buy oxytocin?

You won't need a note from the doctor to buy oxytocin. Simply choose a product, follow the link to their website and order online. Nothing much else is further required.

Is oxytocin safe to use?

Oxytocin is safe to use for human beings, as long as the user is not pregnant, nursing or are under medical supervision.

What about oxytocin products on Amazon?

Although there are many products available on sites such as Amazon, do note that you will not receive extensive customer support from the seller. Also, and more importantly, products featured on this website are often 'home made' and in few cases, possibly counterfeit products. Be aware of these unapproved and unbranded oxytocin products.

Contact and information

If you have any questions about oxytocin products, or oxytocin in general you can always contact us.

Oxytocin news articles

Researchers at Yerkes national primate research Center at Emory University have discovered that Oxytocin is essentially a love hormone and it can be used to help with social functions for people who suffer from psychiatric disorders.
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