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Frequently Asked Questions

For specific questions regarding human oxytocins and human oxytocin products We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: How many test subjects participated in the product tests?
A: Each human oxytocin product has been tested individually by 150 people. This is a way to provide highly accurate results.

Q: What effects can I expect of human oxytocin products?
A: Effects can vary from:

- People gain unconditional trust
- Boost in self-confidence
- Faster relationship building
- Positive influence in business relationships
- Increase in offers from bussinessworld
- Increase in approaches from the opposite sex
- More trustworthy appearance
- More positive approach in life
- Faster climb up the carreer ladder
- Decrease in rejections bussiness offers
- Decrease in rejections from the opposite sex
- More intensive personal life
- Increase in friendly relationships
- Rejuvenated relations, including lovelife

Q: Are human oxytocin products all natural?
A: All of the tested human oxytocin products contain natural ingredients.

Q: What are oxytocins and how do they work?
A: Oxytocins are naturally occurring chemicals found in animals and humans which elicit sexual behaviors and are used to gain trust from the same or opposite sex. The oxytocin signals are detected through the body sending signals to the brain. When it detects the oxytocin, it sends a trust response signal to the brain.

Q: Do we give off oxytocins naturally?
A: Everyone gives off oxytocins naturally. However, the natural human oxytocin level is too low to be highly effective.

Q: How can I restore the full level of human oxytocins in my body?
A: The amount of oxytocins your body produces has dropped to almost zero throughout the eras. Human oxytocin products contain a high concentration of human oxytocins that restore this level to a high standard.

Q: How do I use human oxytocin products?
A: Oxytocins are available in a cologne or perfume type of product. You can apply it to your neck, forearms, inside the elbows, at the chest or even on your clothing, though it works best when applied to the skin. They are for external use only. Do not ingest.

Q: How long do they last?
A: The oxytocins tested last 2 to 4 hours when applied on appropriate spots. Neuron-settled oxytocins (oxytocins released after initial contact) may finally last 7-18 days.

Q: Do these companies process orders securely and discreet?
A: Human oxytocin companies put discretion and security at top priority. Orders are processed via secure servers, and sent in plain discreet packages. Orders are also not shown on the bill of your creditcard.